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Our Story

Bhaskar Savani, DMD, M.Sc. B.Sc. D.T.C
Farmer, Chemist & Dentist

A Farmer

A Chemist

A Dentist

Farmer's Chemistry for Dentistry

Hemp-Organica brand Hand Lotion was created by a Mango Farmer graduated as a Chemist and Dentist, Dr. Bhaskar Savani.

Dr. Savani obtained his dental degree from Temple University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1995. Prior to his dental education, Dr. Savani obtained several degrees in the field of chemistry: Bachelor of Chemistry (B.Sc.), Master of Chemistry (M.Sc.) and Post-Graduate Diploma in Textile Chemistry (D.T.C.) from M. S. University of Baroda, India. 

Besides being a dentist in the greater Philadelphia area for last 26 years, Dr. Savani is experienced as a quality control chemist and a formulation chemist in the USA, Malaysia, and India.

Inspiration of Product

Dr. Savani, working as a dentist and taking care of hundreds of patients, was experiencing very dry, cracked, and rough hands as he was frequently changing gloves and washing his hands with disinfectant/anti-microbial soap. Working in the healthcare field, he was inspired to make the finest hand lotion that is non-greasy, dries and absorbs quickly upon application and will maintain hand dexterity when wearing gloves to perform precise and very fine procedures while holding delicate instruments.

Having also worked as a formulation and quality control chemist testing pharmaceutical grade fine chemicals, Dr. Savani decided to use the healing benefits of hemp seed oil and shea butter to create the finest hand lotion. Our first product is mildly scented using wild mango flavor, inspired by wild mangoes of India and Hawaii.

Family Business Commitment

Hemp-Organica brand, is family owned and operated taking great pride in the quality of the product. For all users of Hemp-Organica products, EZ Biotek’s and the Savani family’s commitment to maintain quality and consistency of the product will be always there.

W e strive to be a great company helping to heal the hands of all dental-medical professionals and other hard-working individuals. We would like to help all people working in a challenging environment, including all dental-medical staff, teachers, mechanics, craftsman, and people with skin conditions exacerbated by eczema and diabetes.

Healing Hands of Hawaii Foundation

Providing helping hands to charitable organizations of Hawaii and others:

Hemp-Organica is committed to contribute some of the profit generated from the sales of our products to several charitable organizations working towards upliftment of native people and especially the children of Hawaii, as well as to charitable organizations working for the upliftment of native communities around the world.